Wraps are simply full color digital printing in large format on white vinyl. They’re applied to vehicles to fully cover it like wallpaper. It’s too bad; they fail to deliver, as effective advertising, resulting in lost opportunities to promote your business. This is due to the majority of wrap producers ignoring sound design principles, instead incorporating all kinds of ‘bells& whistles’. What might be a great magazine ad results in a multi-color mess of confusing images and hard to read words, all in the wrong color and size priorities. They look impressive but if you can’t read it , what’s the point. For a fraction of the high cost of making and applying them, we can develop graphics that may include a partial use of full color, only if necessary.



     Without going into a long technical explanation, let’s look at graphic imaging. Digital is what most home based graphics programs, new cameras and the internet is based. Really tiny squares arranged for gradient colors, photos and gray scales. It replaced the old ‘half-tones’ and four color process. Vector is razor sharp imaging, usually in solid color format.
Major mistakes occur when digital is used for original designs. But, it can’t be technically reproduced correctly, in many formats, resulting in a fuzzy, eligible, distorted image.
We create all our work in vector art.  We can always move forward to add effects digitally, but You can’t reverse the process backward, from digital to vector, without major redesigning. Our logo’s are conceived in black and white.  We believe if designed strongly they’ll stand the test for one color print reproduction such as flyers, newspaper ads, faxes, copies and even check imprinting.
We can always pump them up to multi-color and digital customizing. Low D.P.I. art and internet images usually require complete redrawing.  Let us build the original the right way the first time.



     Since the late eighties, the sign industry took a giant leap in the way things where produced. Computers hooked to vinyl cutters made sign making available to the masses. Good and bad resulted .Bad was the opening of franchised or independent vinyl only, sign shops run by novices with no design background or artistic abilities. .They flooded the business community with point and click block letter signs relying on the computer to make up for their lack of talent. Promoting fast and cheap, the general public soon accepted them as “the way it is”. They’re still around today. Well, my dictionary says ‘cheap;’ means “of little value” and fast usually looks like it was slammed together. The Good was the Paint and Brush Sign Craftsmen who used computers as an extension of their ability to incorporate sound design, color philosophy, and build on their already proven expertise. Computers are great as a tool to save files and run exact duplicates, but are just a tool. In the right hands, good results. It doesn’t cost more to benefit from our creativity.